We’re hiring!!

At the end of 2013, we tied up with LINKIN PARK and UNIVERSAL MUSIC, and on April 21st, we raised US$1.1 million from LAWSON HMV Entertainment and Genuine Startups Ltd.
In order to take PlugAir to the next level, there are many things to do!
At present, we have a team of 6 working on PlugAir.
Want to build the future of PlugAir together with us?

Here’s what you’ll be able to do if you join us at Beatrobo:

Develop products for the global market
Gain knowledge that covers both hardware and software
Develop not only apps but also physical gadgets that are linked to apps
Gain experience in mass production

So what is PlugAir?

At Beatrobo, we are currently focusing on PlugAir. PlugAir is an accessory that allows you to listen to music with your smartphone by simply plugging it into the phone’s earphone jack.
In order to make this the experience as simple it sounds, we are using an authentication server that connects with PlugAir.
Also, to avoid running out of battery power, PlugAir powers up itself through the smartphone’s audio jack. We are developing all of this in-house—not only the hardware, but also the Android and iOS applications, together with authentication and contents servers.
The PlugAir devices are manufactured Changping, China, and we are currently scaling up to be able to mass produce 100,000 pieces per month.

Find more info on PlugAir here -> http://plugair.com/

Beatrobo is a company which:

・Has a flextime system with a work of 8 hours a day (with 1 hour break). The core time is between 13:00-18:00.
・Provides a desk and a computer. We also have BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) support system.
・Most employees have one of the latest MacBooks
(We have one Windows PC for CAD!)
・The office is at 10 minutes on foot from JR Yoyogi Station, and 7 minutes from Odakyu Sangubashi Station. Our office is new and we just moved in June, 2014.
・Every week, on Monday and Friday, we have an all-hands meeting
・We also have a dedicated hardware development space
・We hold a development camp once every 2 or 3 months. (The last time we went in deep in the mountains of Okutama)
・We also provide paid holidays.
・Many of our people commute using bicycles.
・Each employee has their own individual robot character printed on their business card
・Our staff is an international mix of enthusiastic builders, designers, event organizers and other people who want to change the world

For more info, visit the Beatrobo corporate page

A message from Beatrobo:

Not long ago, we were listening music using CDs. Now we can download songs on e.g. iTunes, or we can listen music using streaming.
During the CD era we could gift and lend music to friends and family in a simple way.
Selling downloadable is an effective form of distribution, but it also sharing music more complicated.
We combining the best of both worlds of physical CDs and virtual downloads by buidling a new way to enjoy music.

Join us in making history by building the content distribution device of the future.

Beatrobo staff

Recruitment for full-time employees

Conditions to be welcomed as an engineer of Beatrobo

・Salary: Annual salary of 3.5 million to 8 million Yen
・Working hours: Flexi-time system
・2 holidays per week (Saturday & Sunday + public holidays)
・Paid leave and other unique leave system
・Commuting expenses will be borne by the company (full amount)
・Insurance: Health insurance, welfare pension insurance, employment insurance, and worker’s compensation insurance

Conditions to be welcomed as an engineer of Beatrobo

・Prior experience in version control of source code at git
・Electronic work experience in application integration using Arduino or Raspberry Pi
・Those who understand that photo correction is actually signal processing!
・English at daily conversational level
・Experience in using KPI verification tool in HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript
・Experience in the development of iOS / Android applications for App Store / Google Play
・Experience in making a chat bot by writing a new script at hubot

Job openings

PHP/Server-side Engineer
Experience in Web application development and operation at LAMP
More than one year experience in Symfony2.3
An advanced knowledge of AWS such as EC2、CloudFormation、OpsWorks
Tuning experience in speeding up and loading measures using MySQL、Redis
Experience in infrastructure construction at chef
Development experience using automated testing
Design experience in defining and specifying conditions
Design knowledge in RESTful application
Experience in using fluentd
Experience in developing distribution systems for video content
Development experience in other languages of API servers such as Python, Ruby and others
Experience in developing tools for labor-saving operations
Job Content
Development and maintenance of PlugAir API server
Development of in-house tools such as content management system
Infrastructure development in AWS
Android Engineer
More than one year experience in developing Android applications
Possesses advanced knowledge in Android, such as Fragment and Life Cycle
Advanced knowledge of sound programming in Android using AudioTrack
Patience in deciphering source code for Android OS
Talk about the frustrations of ICS
Gradle staff
Experience in developing Android application using Groovy
Knowledge in server-sides such as AWS and PHP
Job Content
Development of Android application, PlugAir
iOS Engineer
More than 2 years of experience in development of iOS application
More than 2 years of experience in development in C language
Knowledge of Core Audio sound programming such as Audio Unit
Deep knowledge in background play of videos/music and player development
Ability to code while thinking about expansion into brain memory space and survival period for variable
Knowledge of server-side such as AWS and PHP
Job Content
Development of iOS app, PlugAir
Hardware Engineer
More than 2 years experience in microcomputer programming (C language/assembly)
Design experience in analog circuits such as amplifiers and power supply circuit
Sound programming experience using C language
Those who like tuning at the last minute in an environment with little resources for small-scale microcomputer
Experience in using 3D printer and creating 3D data using 3D CAD
Experience in designing and creating printed circuit boards through manufacturers in China and Japan
Ability to speak English and Chinese at daily conversational level
Experience in electric circuit design for volume products such as home appliances
Experience in developing Web application using AWS
Experience in designing 3D CAD using AutoDesk Inventor
Experience in developing device drivers at Linux (embedded)
Catching up with the latest information, such as BLE
Able to program micro controller in assembly and feel the bits
Have seen “the original transistor circuit”, even if just a glance
Have competed in Robocon
Job Content
Development and improvement of PlugAir device
Research, development and proto-typing of new products
Application method Please send the items listed below by e-mail

・Job History
・Cover Letter
・Portfolio or an overview of projects worked
(You can provide this as a Github account, blog, link to your webpage, Word or in any other formats)

E-mail address for applications: jobs@beatrobo.com
Person-in-charge: Takei of Beatrobo Corporation

Part-time jobs

Conditions and benefits of part-time job

Salary: 1,000 Yen ~ 2,000 Yen per hour. 950 Yen for probation period (around 3 months) The final salary will be based on ability and achievements during this period.
Working hours: more than twice per week, more than 4 hours each day from 12:00 to 20:00 period, Monday~Saturday.
Working period: 3 months~long term
Benefits: Commuting expenses (full amount)

Conditions and benefits of part-time job

We hope you can fulfill any of the four points below, or a combination of any.
There are hard and soft, but it is OK if you want to do any one!
Server-side infrastructure
Development of in-house management screen
Infrastructure development for AWS
Development of some of the functions
Assists in the development of iOS and Android applications
Development of Beatrobo application of Windows 8.1
Prototyping of games using PlugAir
Assists in the trial production and evaluation of circuits
Assists in the development of the jig to be used in the factory
Assists in the creation of specifications
Prototyping of hardware

Desirable skills to have

Server-side infrastructure
Prior development experience in PHP (Symfony2.3, Apache2.2, APC for our side)
Those who have heard of Chef, Vagrant, Berkshelf, Docker
Those who like AWS
Those who are developing iOS/Android/Windows Phone/ Windows 8 applications
Those who have dealt with electric circuit (digital-to-analog)
Experience in micro-computer development (PlugAir is equipped with AVR)
It is OK even if you just fulfill one condition!
Application method Please send the items listed below by e-mail

・Cover Letter
・Portfolio or an overview of projects worked
(You can provide this as a Github account, blog, link to your webpage, Word or in any other formats)

E-mail address for applications: jobs@beatrobo.com
Person-in-charge: Takei of Beatrobo Corporation