How it Works

PlugAir is a device with content packed inside. Download the PlugAir app and start playing the content inside.

1.Download the app

Download the PlugAir app from the link below.

Be sure to download the latest version of the app.

Even if you’ve already downloaded the app before, check that you have the latest version.

2.Launch the app

Select the PlugAir app on the home screen of your phone to launch PlugAir.
The first time you launch the app, a tutorial will play.
In the app, you can read plug data from the device and browse the content inside.

Please allow access to the microphone

PlugAir works using the microphone jack on your smartphone. If a dialog box appears asking for permission to access the microphone, please always allow it.
A guide to allow microphone access can be found here

3.One-tap access to the PlugAir reader

By pressing the “Add PlugAir” button, the reader screen will show and the app will be prepared to read the plug.

4.Reading content from the plug

When the plug is inserted while the reader screen is open, the app will start loading the PlugAir content. The content will show once loading is complete. The content will be saved in the app, and can be played any time after that.

When the reader isn’t working

Whenever the reader isn’t working properly, please check the help page.
Help page

5.Share content with your friends

Some PlugAirs will let you share content to your friends by Inserting PlugAir into your friend’s phones. Enjoy sharing content with your friends!
*The PlugAir app needs to be installed on the recipient’s phone to work

Problems with PlugAir

Whenever you encounter problems with PlugAir, please follow the procedures in the help page.

Help page