Announcing PlugAir

Announcing PlugAir

PlugAir all started when our CTO, Hideyuki brought a mockup made from a 3D printer one day.
“Wouldn’t it be cool if we could exchange content in real life by just plugging this to your phone?”

“That is awesome!!!” and we added it to our side project from that day.

We named the prototype service Beatplug, since we were running our music app Beatrobo and was planning to run the product that works in Beatrobo. Although we called it a side project, all we did was to take the mockup plug device around and talk about the idea to people we met. We didn’t have any hardware designing nor we had a mobile app ready. But people liked it.

The project really started when we met Ishida-san and Echigo-san from Campfire, when we were having drinks at awabar, a popular bar in Roppongi. Beatplug was planned to launch with a crowd funding project in the US, but we decided to start small, from Japan.

The Beatplug project was later added to our main business, and we decided to brand the product name to PlugAir, so the technology can be used in other purposes, not limiting it to music related products.

In the future, we plan to partner with artists, brands, content creators and entertainment companies. We are also planning to launch a platform where anyone can create their own PlugAir, and add their digital content to their own device.

We will be updating more information about our plans, progress and ideas.

Beatrobo CEO
Hiroshi Asaeda