Does PlugAir run on all smartphones?
It may not work on models not included in the list of compatible devices, so check there.
Supported Devices
Does it run on tablets?
We currently don’t provide PlugAir specifically for tablet devices, but if the tablet used can normally run other iPhone/Android applications then it should work.
Does it run on PCs?
PlugAir is currently not compatible with PCs.
Can it be used offline?
It cannot be used offline. You need to be connected to a secure internet network to use PlugAir.
Can it run on a 3G network?
Although it can be run on 3G, if the line is not secure then connect instead to a secure internet network.
My smartphone doesn’t have a earphone jack:
PlugAir can’t be used on smartphones without earphone jacks.
PlugAir doesn’t connect properly:
Check the Help Center.
PlugAir is damaged:
We cannot guarantee that a damaged PlugAir will work. Please stop using it immediately due to the risk of injury from damaged parts.